My name is brenna, but some people call me “sassy pants”. I try to avoid life stresses through cooking and running, I have never seen a horror movie, and my dream man is Javier Bardem. I am currently living in France, working as an English teacher in  public elementary schools. You can read more about my decision to flee the country here.

This is my creative outlet; a chance to write freely about the things I love most: traveling, food, friends, and family.


2 Responses to About

  1. Hart's All Over the World says:

    This sounds like a fabulous blog to read, especially for a Francophile like myself.

  2. Shane @ Backpack Laptop says:

    Thanks for the comment Brenna. I always love reading about other people who are going through similar experiences and taking off to find adventure abroad. Oh and btw, Amelie is probably my favorite movie of all time so I couldn’t resist after seeing your title.

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